The mission of United African Youth is to provide social, economic, educational and career empowerment for inner city refugee and immigrant youth in Greater Boston with the aim of expanding both nationally and internationally.

Our organization’s goals include – Creating Social Awareness within the greater Community about the direction of our youth ages 6-18 and young adults 19-24 years of age; inspiring better decision making within our youth, create a forum for them to express their social needs; helping them develop through athletics, after-School hangouts, and weekend events that steer them from assimilating with life on the street. Promote youth activism, leadership, and empowerment. In the long-term, connect the youth with scholarships and grants that enable them to go to colleges and better their future. USY also address the issues of Boston refugee/immigrant school students’ poor academic performance due to poor preparation in refugee camps or elsewhere; the conflicts they experience between the traditional values in their homes and mainstream America; their lack of understanding of American social customs, cultural expectations in the classroom and the workplace; and their unfamiliarity with the American system of post-secondary education.